PRESS RELEASE – March 1, 2019

AKKURE Genomics is revolutionising the future of clinical Trials by transforming the value inherent in a patients data to ensure a focus on patient centric trials, and shared outcomes rewarding participation and collective digital rights.

The blockchain powered medical incentive platform links patients, doctors and the Pharmaceutical industry. AKKURE will connect patients and global pharmaceutical research companies using a blockchain ID system to capture, store and attribute health data ownership to patients, artificial intelligence to match patients to appropriate trials, and smart contracts to ensure rapid settlement of agreed aligned incentives. Health data will consist of a patient’s medically validated clinical data fused with a patients underlying genetic data (Genome) resulting in a powerful Biosome, that can be augmented dynamically with live feeds (Physiosome) during and after trial participation. AKKURE’s proprietary MedimatchTM algorithms and powerful interfaces allow for the rapid evolution of virtual precision trials, whilst their patented telemedicine interface, Quantum ConsultTM, enables rapid asynchronous tele-trial participation, ensuring the tyranny of distance is no longer a barrier to patient access or equity of care internationally.

AKKURE will use the security and transparency of the blockchain to build an ecosystem that supports and simplifies multi-stage and multi-stakeholder trials. It also provides a portal for pharmaceutical companies that need to engage patient cohorts, (particularly amongst communities with rare diseases and cancer) and attract medical talent for trials. Pharmaceutical companies and global contract research organisations (CROs) on the platform can post new virtual trials and request participation from available patients and doctors they find through the portal, initially via access to their validated, de-identified healthcare data.

Once validated, patients can enter the portal and see an overview of both the listed trials and the Pharma companies that want to recruit those matching patients and those doctors with relevant skills for specific trials. When either party wishes to connect, a chat window appears, and they can begin negotiating the terms of work. Using a structure that AKKURE calls “Axons & Plexus” patients and doctors can be organised via complimentary interconnecting matrixes to help participate in complex trials. At present, the AKKURE platform is fully operational, with the company expecting to index clinical metadata to a hybrid blockchain network architecture over the coming months.

We do have several partners that will be on-boarded to the platform at launch, and that are helping us figure out the needs and challenges of different user groups be they physicians, patients or Pharma.

– Founder and CEO Prof Oran Rigby MD

Current Status

As it stands right now, the systems in place for matching patients are slow and analogue. Patients must manually attempt to find trials suitable for them with limited if any physician guidance. Navigating the complex inclusion and exclusion criteria and often travelling significant distances and expending significant time in interviewing to ensure they meet eligibility criteria offer further barriers to trial participation, health data monetisation, and access to cutting edge pharmaceutical care.

The use of blockchain technology also extends to payments. Payments and value exchange for those participating in trials still rely on a third party (CROs) to be the authority during a business transaction, but those third parties have both very limited jurisdiction and a significant lag in dispensing value to trial participants, both patient and doctor.

We are using blockchain to handle the escrow and transaction services of the platform, equalising the power differential between trial participants and sponsors on the one hand and contractors on the other because the payment is held in the hand of neither.

– Prof Oran Rigby MD

Blockchain Electronic Medical Biosome

Encompassing a world first genetic data patient identifier to confirm the DNA supplied matches the patient, AKKURE will offer genomic sequencing to members to fuse with their own clinical and physiological data profile.

The AKKURE platform also has an ID system that confirms the identities of potential patients and doctors using a consensus algorithm that verifies, validates, and authenticates private healthcare data, whilst simultaneously it creates validated clinical histories and reputations tied to those secure IDs to limit fraud and ensure accurate phenotypical and genomic selection and inclusion.

We are continuing development of our platform, building up the systems for the interface between a standard web app and smart contract especially. We are looking to start on boarding partner hospitals and healthcare networks for our MVP in about 2 months.

– Prof Oran Rigby MD

What’s next for Akkure?

The focus, then, is to get the platform fully operational as quickly as possible. “Short-term we are continuing development and getting users up and running, and subsequently we have some very novel and unique features leveraging off the collective data rights on behalf of patients” Rigby said. “We are also opening up for investors, a key consideration given the blue sky opportunity and competitive advantage we currently maintain.”

AKKURE’s utility token the “Axon” is planned to be integrated into the platform’s ecosystem and serve as a user incentive for purchasing medical products and services, such as insurance at a reduced cost. Built initially upon the Hyperledger blockchain, users also have the option to use ETH to make purchases and access AKKURE’s features.

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