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Corporations are making billions off your health data without your permission. At Akkure, we give you complete control of your data – you can choose to keep it private or you can get rewarded for securely and anonymously sharing with medical researchers and clinical trials.

Akkure provides you the opportunity to make a difference by participating in online research from the comfort and privacy of their own home. It’s your choice if you want to contribute, and you will always remain anonymous.

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Earn credits

Answer survey questions, get credits, and redeem them for valuable rewards.

Get matched

Get matched with research institutions that will cover the cost of your whole genome sequencing.

Receive your results

Receive your results, understand your genome, explore your ancestry, and learn about your inherited traits.

A lifetime of discovery

Either keep your data private or continue to receive insights, analytics, and rewards on the platform for contributing to the research studies you choose.


Purchase your whole DNA sequencing kit. Get it in the mail. Spit in the tube. Send it back.

Medical breakthroughs

By signing up, you have the ability to directly contribute to a community dedicated to conducting transformative research.

Your privacy and security are the highest priority at Akkure.

Get unique insights into your health

Our next-gen sequencing goes beyond standard genotyping, enabling deep insights into personal health and enabling data-driven choices in regards to disease prevention, medications, family planning, diet, exercise, and more.

Contribute to important medical breakthroughs

When you share your data on the Akkure platform, you join a community helping scientists conduct transformative research, which will result in important breakthroughs in modern medicine.

Own your genomic data

With Akkure, you own your genomic data, control who can use it, and are compensated for sharing access to your data. No one can ever access your data without your consent.

Get rewarded for sharing your data

Data buyers will search our platform for individuals whose information meets specific criteria for diverse research needs; you will be rewarded for providing access to your data, while your privacy will remain protected.

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